I can’t really remember so much about the first lesson but in the end i really enjoyed writing on the blog! 

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I think the course has been very interesting and i have learned many new  things, like blogging.  Te course vent very fast but i think that it worked very good writing on the blog. 

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BBC Mark Zuckerberg

This clip tells about Mark Zuckerbergs time in Harvard University, and the invention of Facebook. Professor Harry Lewis  Computer science at Harvard University, was Marks teacher. Lewis describes Mark as a very good student but  special. He didn’t agree whit his teachers al the time, and if he find another solution to the question hi didn’t pay any attention to what the teacher said. The creative thing whit Mark was that althougt he was young and didn’t know anything about companies, he wanted this so hard so he put all his focus on it than he did on other stuff. 

I learn very fast if I’m in to it. But if its a subject in school that i just have to read because its mandatory, i don’t put enough energy on it. I can be very creative in school subjects/projects if i get a little space and is allowed to do it my own way, or at least a little bit. 

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Users are not in step with the newest technology

This text tells about smartphones and there use. Anna Sell a researcher at Åbo Akademi University, explains that 50 per cent of all Finns have a smartphone but isn’t capable of using it right. The idea of a smartphone is that you can download free applications that will help you in your everyday activities. It takes a long time for people to understand and find out how to use the smartphone rightly and the applications that are made for it. Anna Sell tells that now it is very easy to download applications and transfer them from the computer to your phone, or vice versa. Previously it was more complicated to get applications because it wasn’t just to transfer them from your computer to your phone and the applications that you now days can download for free was back then very expensive. The most popular applications are probably the one whit maps and navigations systems. People are all the time coming up whit new applications for smartphones and androids, but it’s very difficult to say what the new big thing is going to be, but mobile reading had become very popular in China. Now days more mobile books are sold for smartphones and other technology like ipads that ordinary book.  Anna Sell things that in future you can aim your smartphone towards a landmark or other well known things and the phone will recognize and give you information on it.

Åbo Akademi is the first university in finland to launch there own application. The application is available for smartphones and androids, and give you facts like maps of the university  and menus of the universitys cafè. The application is free to download.

I think that smartphones are very interesting and it’s fun to download all loads of applications.

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1. They help each other more often, and tries to talk to jack.

2. Piggy hadn’t  his glasses so he didn’t  see when roger trough rocks at him.

3.  –

4. –

5.  Ralph starts to cry, some of the boys are hiding and jack tries to attack him.

6. All the thinks that has happened on the island starts to come back to him and of course hi’s happy because of the naval soldiers arrival.

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1. Because Ralph is a more serious leader and thinks of the important stuff like for example getting food and wind shelters.

2. Piggy thought that jack was going to attack him, and he was worried about his asthma.

3.  –

4.  A storm is hitting the island.

5. –

6. –

7.  They tried to convinse them self that it wasn’t there fault.

8. They pound the shit out of them, and divided piggys glasses.

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1. The routines are very simple jack is in charge of the hunting and Ralph of the fire on the mountain and other important stuff.

2. The hunters returns with a pigg and are very happy over what they have accomplished, but Ralph is very dissapointed that they let the fire go out on the mountain.

3. Thay are constantly letting the fire go out and fighting with eachother.

4. Still angry about the fire but is trying to get over it.


6. The littluns belive that the beast lives somewhere in the jungle and piggy is trying to convince everybody that there is no beast.

7.  Piggy is wathing the littluns and the other gos out hunting the beast.

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1. Ralphs first moment on the island is with Piggy. Ralph immediately started to build things on the island so it would be possible to live there.

2. Ralph didn’t really talk very muths it was piggy ho did the talking.

3. Well jack is a gold digger for power.

4. He started a fire on the top of the mountan so pasingby flight would noughtis.

7. Well they chopped some wood and always had on or tho hu guarded it.

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1. Ralph is one of the leaders in the group, hi is very grown  up and is acting like one also, hi’s only twelve years old.

2. Jack try two be the leader of the group but fails, hi’s a leader of a boy choir. And hi is also in charges of the hunting group.

3. Piggy is the mob offer in the group, hi’s overweighted and short and not attractive at al. But on the other hand hi’s very smart.

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chapters 1-3

1. Well he didn’t really know what to say and seemd very confused.

2. piggy is a vary shy and nervous guy, but is trying to make a konversation and ralf is a serious guy ho likes to take kontroll over things, he is very grown-up.


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